The Book That Became A Ballet

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Praise for The Large Rock and The Little Yew

Praise for The Large Rock and The Little Yew

Little Yew Tree brings the power of reading, learning and family together for fun while supporting an important cause.  Organizations can purchase books for fundraising, donors can purchase books to give away, or books can be simply purchased for personal enjoyment.

Children of all ages will enjoy reading these well-written and beautifully illustrated books.  Author Gregory Ahlijian donates all profit from his books sold from this site to the Gregory M. Ahlijian Scholarship Fund to provide children with opportunities they otherwise might not enjoy.

Be a part of our Pay It Forward model and be a hero to a child today.

Shine in Your Life’s Journey is written with soaring optimism, similar to Greg Ahlijian’s first book, The Large Rock and the Little Yew. Mr. Ahlijian’s devotion to the lifelong well-being of the children he mentors is beautifully captured in this hopeful, compassionate and practical guidebook. Designed to draw attention to valuable lessons that naturally occur in daily life, the guide counsels honor in overcoming life’s challenges, learning from failure, and encouragement, e.g., “you have been given gifts and abilities not yet discovered.” Dozens of practical applications fill the pages of this quick read, such as the clever activity “portrait artist,” and simple gestures, including the value of hand written thank you notes and letters of apology, and principles for earning the respect of others. Taken together, Shine is a wonderful reminder that character development is a central part of youth development and that adults have an instrumental role in nurturing that growth.
Jeff Todahl, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Co-Director and Director of Research
Center for the Prevention of Abuse and Neglect
College of Education, University of Oregon
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