Nature offers many wonderful metaphors to inspire us to heal and to develop our highest potential. Gregory Ahlijian offers to young readers an inspiring story of a small, seemingly insignificant seedling’s triumph against overwhelming conditions. It shows us the unshakable core of strength and determination to thrive that lies at our core - and that adversity can be the catalyst for awakening our most inspiring gifts.
— Kiva Michels, LCSW, Clinical Supervisor

This is the finest children’s book for kids with deep hurts I’ve ever read.
— Bob Welch, Author & Columnist for The Register-Guard, via Facebook

Gregory Ahlijian’s wonderful book, The Large Rock and the Little Yew, has been a valuable gift to the girls of Ophelia’s Place. His story of the Little Yew can be likened to the stories of many of the girls we see here who have faced numerous challenges and adversities only to come out on top, just like he describes the Little Yew’s achievement of a deeper level of self-discovery, courage, perseverance, self-respect, and hope.
— Laura Sanchez, LPC, Program Director

This is a powerfully healing metaphorical story. It is effective in its therapeutic value because the hardships of life are used as stepping stones for growth. It is hard to forget the endearing little yew tree and how it uses the strength deep within all of us. The Large Rock and the Little Yew makes you want not to ask for an easy life, but to be strong.
— Gail Keller, LCSW, Author of Keys of Change
I love this book. In a simple story, it has the power to help children overcome all sorts of hurts.
— Bob Welch, Author, Inspirational Speaker & Columnist for The Register-Guard

A story that effortlessly weaves in lessons for a successful life and not just for yew trees. Every great story has a moral and there the moral is that the unfair struggle can be the catalyst to the greatness God intends for us all.
— Dave Ziegler, Ph.D. Executive Director, Jasper Mountain Center

Dear Greg, Sharing your book, The Large Rock and The Little Yew, with my 7 year old great granddaughter was a most rewarding experience. I learned things about her that I would not have known, had we not read the book together. I feel this story time has brought us closer together and it was a 50/50 experience, each gaining new insight about the other and creating a much stronger bond.
— Deanna P., Great Grandmother
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